Welcome to Focus Investment Advisors

Focus Investment Advisors (FIA) was founded in 1994 by partners Andrew Y. Wasa and Henry J Ferry Jr. FIA’s concern is knowing our clients, providing for their welfare and helping them work towards financial independence.

We aim to provide a high level of service to help clients pursue their investment needs and desires.

Our belief is that a long term relationship mindset and education are desirable and most beneficial to the client. Our objective is to work closely with our clients to establish a high level of understanding while utilizing education and full disclosure.

FIA is a full service investment advisory firm specializing in Taft-Hartley plans, government and civil service/union employee benefits, retirement planning and investment consulting.

Consulting Services

Analyze Current Portfolio, Design Comprehensive Portfolio, Formalize Investment Policy, Implement Policy, Monitor and Supervision.

Asset Management Services

Portfolio Management, Private Wealth Management, Structured Product Management


Investment Consulting

Are your investments effectively being managed to pursue your goals? As Investment Consultants we recommend the form of retirement planning that addresses your specific needs. 
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Retirement Solutions

By the time you retire, you'll need a nest egg that will provide you with enough income to fill the gap left by your other income sources. But exactly how much is enough? 
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Financial Strategies

12 Financial Strategies: spend less. Save More / Take advantage of market declines / Contribute to your company retirement plans / Update your contingency plan / Review and update beneficiaries ... 
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Contingency Planning

Isn’t Contingency Planning only for the rich? In a word, no. 
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Meet Our Team

Renter's Insurance

There were 43 million renters in the U.S. in 2017, the highest number of renters in the last 50 years. Yet according to...
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