Focus Investment Advisors provides comprehensive retirement planning and financial planning strategies for the private sector as well as government/ civil service employees and unions. Our background as a firm is, Investment Consulting on both the individual participant and plan trustee level for employee benefit plans. Our goal is to be a comprehensive resource to plan participants and build a trusted advisor relationship with employees and plan trustees. We pride ourselves on providing investment education as well as planning to address the needs of each individual. We are an independent firm offering no in house “products”, which leaves the opportunity to be completely objective and provide simply what is appropriate for the client to address their specific needs. Our advisors are able to provide Investment advice, insurance, college planning, contingency planning (estate planning), retirement benefit selection, managed money and retirement income strategies. We at Focus Investment Advisors have 25 plus years of experience in assisting clients in making the appropriate choices.


Independent and Objective

We are independent consultants who make objective evaluations for our clients. We are objective because we are not subsidized by a securities brokerage firm, or any other financial services organization. We have access to all public information, all financial services and products, and the knowledge to apply the information, services and products to address the specific needs of our clients.

Investment Education

We emphasize educating both pension plan participants and sponsors. Plan participants need to understand the value of investing, compound interest, the importance of understanding risk, diversification and the asset allocation process. Plan sponsors need to understand their fiduciary duties under ERISA and how diversification can manage risk and potentially try to enhance return.

Pension and Investment Consultants

As pension consultants we recommend the form of retirement plan that best addresses a clients needs. It can be qualified or non-qualified and may use insurance as an enhancement. As investment consultants we conduct money manager searches and monitor portfolio performance. In addition, we assist with preparation of investment policy and asset allocation services. Investment consulting complements pension planning by being able to assist with review of your investment policy, an effective asset allocation and experienced investment managers.

Research and Analysis

We use highly structured quantitative techniques in our search/monitor and asset allocation methodologies. Our research is comprehensive and takes into consideration the qualitative aspects of investment management.

Customized Work

Our work is designed to fit the needs of a particular client. Both investment consulting and pension planning initial recommendations are designed to address the goals, objectives and risk characteristics of the client.


We stress the “independent” structure by offering non-proprietary products and programs, and operate without any product-specific performance-quotas like many wire house and insurance firms. Therefore we are able to recommend objective, investments and products.

 *There is no guarantee that asset allocation or diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit or protect against a loss.