12 Financial Strategies:

  • Spend less. Save More
  • Take advantage of market declines
  • Contribute to your company retirement plans
  • Update your contingency plan
  • Review and update beneficiaries
  • Seek assistance with managed money
  • Utilize investment products with specific strategies
  • Replicate institutional strategies for the individual investor
  • Income for life methodology
  • Risk based management approach

Implementing the Financial Strategy:

Creating and implementing a comprehensive financial strategy generally involves working with financial professionals to:

  • Develop a clear picture of your current financial situation by reviewing your income, assets, and liabilities, and evaluating your insurance coverage, your investment portfolio, your tax exposure, and your estate plan
  • Establish and prioritize financial goals and time frames for working towards these goals
  • Implement strategies that address your current financial weaknesses and build on your financial strengths
  • Choose specific products and services that are tailored to address your financial objectives
  • Monitor your plan, making adjustments as your goals, time frames, or circumstances change.